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Emergency Lighting Systems

Your emergency lighting systems play a vital role in the safety of your commercial business. They are an essential component of any evacuation plan and a necessary way to escape safely during fire or any other hazardous situations. At Clark Electric, Inc., we take your safety seriously. We can keep you, your clients, customers, and your commercial building safe with well-installed and maintained emergency lighting systems.

Whether your needs are for your commercial or industrial property, our dedicated team of electrical engineers are on-hand to make sure the emergency lights will illuminate if your primary power is turned off. All the work we do meets local as well as national safety code standards. As leading licensed and insured electrical engineers and contractors in Dallas, TX, we always complete the work right the first time.

Importance of Emergency Lighting Systems in Your Building

Emergency lighting works automatically when the main power fails as it runs from a different battery.  Whether your commercial building is small or big, emergency lights are a must. Safety is the prime reason why you should have these systems in your building. They are a great help during power outages. These lights in staircases, corridors, paths, and hallways can calm nerves during a power outage. During an emergency situation, they make it easier for people to evacuate the building.

Different Forms and Modes of Operation of
Emergency Lighting Systems

At Clark Electric, Inc., we help our clients with varying types of emergency lighting systems. Different forms of lights are designed to perform functions within a commercial building. There are lights that help people to exit a building or location safely or point to the exits and means of escape. Emergency lights are a great help for high risk task areas where dangerous work is performed.  You can also have an open area or anti-panic lighting in your commercial building to reduce panic, such as in elevators and staircases. You will find two modes of operating emergency lighting systems. They are maintained and non-maintained. In maintained operation, the lights are always on, such as in a theatre. And in non-maintained mode, the lights work only when the main power fails. It is up to you to decide which type of emergency lighting system you need for your premises. If you are unsure about what kind of emergency lighting should be installed, you can get in touch with our electrical engineers for the right solution.

Contact Us for Monthly Inspection and Annual Inspection of Your Emergency Lighting Systems

In an emergency situation, your team, customers, clients, or visitors may panic, and the overall safety can be compromised if the emergency lights fail to activate. So, you should get your emergency lighting system inspected regularly.  Let Clark Electric, Inc. check the batteries, charging systems and the bulbs to ensure you are prepared to deal with any emergency situation.

Our monthly inspection will include a check for any physical damage, lights and batteries. Our engineers will also check AC electrical connections and charge lamps if required. You can also rely on us for the annual testing of your emergency lighting system. During annual testing, we will check the battery and lens as required, clean the unit and lens as required, and perform a check of all important components.  We will also check the charging system voltage, battery output voltage and line voltage.

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We are dedicated to protecting the life and property of our clients by offering a wide range of emergency lighting solutions. With over many decades of proven experience in designing and installing efficient emergency lighting systems, we are committed to finding the right solution for you. You can trust us for excellent services backed by a highly knowledgeable and dedicated team. Call us to discuss your needs today!

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