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Ground Resistance Testing and Correction

Clark Electric, Inc. is a leading electrical contractor and engineering firm with a team of licensed and certified electricians dedicated to ensuring the safety and reliability of your commercial facility’s power system. We have decades of experience in ground resistance testing and engineering evaluation of electrical distribution equipment. We serve major commercial and industrial customers with our professional ground resistance testing and correction services.

A broad testing plan will help in locating the root cause of issues, avert pricey downtime, fix emergency repairs and maintain a safe working environment. This service further helps in the safety of workers and prevention of property damage.

What Is the Benefit of Ground Testing in Your Commercial Building?

At Clark Electric, Inc., we help our clients by offering a complete ground testing and correction program. Generally, there are two types of testing that should be performed at your premises. The first one should be done at the time of construction of the building. It is done to make sure the electrical system is installed properly. Our electrical testers also perform a routine ground testing from time to time to check the grounding system keeps on performing in the way it was designed. Our electrical engineers are experts at conducting the testing correctly, as errors can be dangerous and costly.

A Basic Understanding of
Grounding and Bonding Electricity

The grounding path offers a low-resistance path for the electricity to travel. Electricity should travel from the origin point through a load and then return through a neutral connection. The ground connection offers a secondary path for safety. This return path should provide the least resistance to the current. And bonding provides a link to all the ground conductors of electrical systems. You should remember that just having the best grounding system will not provide any protection if the components in your facility are not bonded to it. In the same way, bonds will not provide protection without grounding.

What Are the Results of Ground Failures?

We always recommend our clients for ground resistance testing and correction as any errors can result in loss of costly equipment, critical data, and other safety hazards. It can also result in loss of human lives. Without adequate grounding, your equipment can experience voltage fluctuations. Your equipment may lose data and other things important to your work process.

What Are the Main Reasons for Grounding or Bonding Failures?

Over time, the connections or bond can loosen. One of the main reasons can be the use of poor quality material to form the initial connection. Corrosion can also damage the connectors and the ground rods.

Clark Electric, Inc. Provides Professional Ground Resistance Testing in Dallas, Texas

A thorough ground resistance testing should be a part of your commercial facility’s electrical maintenance program. The right equipment and methods must be used to pull the correct data for your grounding system. Clark Electric, Inc. has a team of electrical testers who are knowledgeable in the latest ground testing equipment, technologies and procedures. We will pull the right report based on our accurate findings. We will consider and calculate all the factors of the grounding system. For example, after a heavy downpour, the soil being tested may offer less resistance than it would under normal conditions.  Our testers will adhere to all the best practices to make sure the testing is done accurately.

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