UPS and Generator System Services

Commercial and Industrial
UPS and Generator Systems

At Clark Electric, Inc., we are experienced electrical engineers and contractors catering to the UPS and generator system needs of commercial and industrial clients. We provide a comprehensive range of uninterruptible power supply systems, including excellent performing UPS and generator systems. Our electrical engineers have met the power backup needs of various commercial units. We have installed and maintained generators and UPS systems in commercial properties, industrial facilities, and offices.

As a certified and insured electrical contractor and engineering firm dealing with industrial and commercial properties, we have experience maintaining complex and interlinked systems that are important to the routine running of a business. A UPS with a generator is the backbone of power cut prevention. Our engineers will make sure your safety-net has no holes.

Losing power can be a great financial loss and is inconvenient at the same time. Power outages are erratic, and most of the time, create an unsafe situation, and in some scenarios, may take days to resolve. During power outages, water and sump pumps do not work, computer networks lose data, buildings lose their functionality, and productivity of the business comes to a halt.  As a business owner or manager, you will find yourself in a difficult position when the power goes out. During such critical scenarios, business productivity can be gained by having an efficient backup power system. At Clark Electric, Inc., we help our clients deal with power outages and resume their business productivity with the help of robust UPS and generator systems.

Commercial and Industrial UPS and Generator Systems

Our Specialty Electrical Services
UPS and Generator Systems

Clark Electric, Inc. has been providing UPS and generator systems for decades to commercial owners in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area. We offer cost-effective service plans, ensuring your power systems are maintained on a regular basis. We will make sure your generator is always ready to perform. Our qualified team has the right knowledge and experience to provide the most reliable solutions for your business. We will ensure your power backup system is efficient enough to keep work going without any hassles. Our electrical engineers will perform regular inspections and testing of your generator system to ensure optimal performance. We will work closely with you to ensure the risks and costs are minimized and the productivity is not hampered.

Key Benefits of Our Generator and UPS Services

  • Assistance of fully trained, certified, and insured UPS and generator engineers.
  • Round the clock technical support.
  • Reliable services.
  • Environment checks.
  • Oil and fuel analysis.
  • Minimized risks and costs.
  • No hidden costs.

How Will We Help You Decide What Is Right for You?

When you contact us for your UPS and generator system needs, you will have access to dedicated professionals with extensive years of experience in different types of UPS and generator systems.  Our electrical engineers are updated with the latest advancement taking place in the UPS and generators industry. We can guide you on choosing the right systems and technology for your needs. Our professionals will get in touch with you to understand your requirements and will then suggest the right solution at the right price. Here at Clark Electric, Inc., we provide you the confidence of not only offering turnkey solutions but will be there to help at every step.  

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  • Commercial and Industrial Electrical Construction and Service Work
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  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
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  • Multifamily Service Work
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  • Low and Medium Voltage Cables and Equipment
  • Switchgear Installation

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UPS and Generator System Services

Contact Clark Electric, Inc. if you are looking for a reliable electrical contractor and engineering firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area to have reliable power generation solutions. Our professionals will ensure your UPS and generator system works efficiently, and your business productivity is not delayed. We strive to deliver excellent customer satisfaction at cost-effective pricing.

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